August 16, 2022

The artist revelation scene

Blues, jazz, hip-hop, ragga, rub-a-dub and gipsy guitar, tinged by its Moroccan and Russian origins, the music ofAnise irresistibly invites to travel. In 2006, he dragged this huge musical baggage throughout France.
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From his punk period, Da Silva kept his voice roque and his scenic presence. From now on, he sings a rhythmic rock with Mediterranean accents.

Slam is primarily intended to be shared with the public. Grand Corps Malade recalled him in his tour through France, started mid-May. As a result, the fans have been present and the three nights at the Olympia have been sold out.

No doubt, to see him on the boards: Christophe Mali is a theater man! Indeed, before illustrating with the group Tryo, then solo since 2004, the singer had mounted several musical shows.

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