June 23, 2021

The assessment of the eight days of the baby, what is it?

The assessment of the eight days of baby is an essential medical appointment and mandatory. On the one hand, it will trigger the payment of your family benefits and on the other hand to take stock of the health of your offspring to prevent any anomalies.

So expect that baby be examined from all angles. The doctor will start by palpating the body of thechild to check the shape of the skull as well as the size and position of each organ. Then he will pay particular attention to the weight, the size of thechild as well as its heart rate and respiratory rate. An auditory and visual test will also be performed.
The clinical examination is also a way for parents who attend to learn all the skills already available to their offspring. The doctor will test his archaic reflexes. Baby is just born, and yet he already knows how to do a lot of things that will surprise you! In the face of some pediatrician stimuli you will see automatic and involuntary responses of your newborn such as sucking, straightening or automatic walking.
This moment will be able to bring first answers to your questions until the next assessment, nine months later.

NICU Nurses assessment of a Newborn Baby (June 2021)