June 23, 2021

The ball bun of Eva Longoria at the Gala fight against cancer

Eva Longoria is a shoe size and it sees!

On the occasion of the Gala fight against cancer that took place last night in Las Vegas, Eva Longoria appeared in an elegant black leather dress, wearing a ball bun. Ambassador of the charity event, Eva opted for a simple and chic look. Hair trend of this fall-winter 2012-2013, the bunny ball is undoubtedly, an aesthetic hairstyle ideal for special occasions. Spotted on the catwalks, the bunny ball grabs people and fashion. Eva, chose to decline her retro ball bun, very "Mad Men": the ponytail to form her bun is at the top of her hair. Voluminous effect assured. With her porcelain complexion, her pastel pink lips and eyelashes overzises, Eva Longoria we subjugate.


Realize the bun ball of Eva?


The essential accessory to make a chignon ball is the "donut" or "crepon". You can buy one at boutiques specialized in the sale of hairdressing products.
The first step to making a bunny ball is to make a more or less high ponytail depending on the desired height. Then place your "donut" around your tail by pressing it against your scalp. Spread your hair over the "donut" to cover it. Then fix it with bun pins. By hand, adjust the last details. You are as beautiful as Eva!

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