August 15, 2022

The beautiful skin care of the day: Kiehl's and Rosa Arctica

For 160 years, the brand of cosmetics offers us care as good as varied for the face, body, hair, babies ... The new face care sign Kiehl's is once again a real treat for the skin.



Rosa Arctica is a pot of youth where the assets anti wrinkle help the skin to renew itself for a second youth and a dyed radiant. Regenerating squalane, Haberlea Rhodopensis or "Resurrection flower", antioxidant vitamin E, here is the secret of the refreshing moisturizing cream of Kiehl's.

The resurrection flower bears this name because it is one of the most resistant flowers in the world, which allows to hold nearly 31 months without regular hydration to regenerate in a few hours. A natural warrior DNA that melts us with happiness and renews the metabolism of our cells!

We tell you, it's a delight.

Rosa Arctica youth cream: 52? the pot of 50ml

I want her ! 

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