June 23, 2024

The beauty secrets of the stars moms

Prevention is better than cure

Before getting pregnant, it must be admitted that some stars already have a dream silhouette. Thus, the program would start before D-Day and even during pregnancy. This is how Nicole Kidman was seen in a gym during her pregnancy. The other Nicole ... Richie would have kept his fine line with a lighter diet before and after.

Starlet Samantha Harris, meanwhile, continued to run during her first trimester using a belt measuring the heartbeat. Same will with Catherine Zeta Jones who would have forced 30 minutes of sport a day during the nine months, still traumatized by his overweight during his first pregnancy. Not only do these exercises keep a good pace of fitness, but also tone and prepare the body fordelivery.
The magic potion

In addition to being able to display an ultra-glamorous breast, breastfeeding would be an effective remedy for spending calories while doing good for your baby. At 500 to 600 calories per day naturally depleted, the technique can be interesting for the first six months. This is how Christina Aguilera and Naomi Watts explain the speed of their weight loss.

But the method does not work for everyone, as explained busty Salma Hayek on the set of Oprah. In addition, difficult to diet during this period since the milk must be rich in nutrients and vitamins. Deficiencies due to a poorly supervised diet may then prove to be of little benefit to the baby. Nicole Richie preferred, according to her, to give the milk to follow a diet, just like Isla Fisher, the companion of Sacha Baron Cohen, who regained his weight before in just three weeks afterdelivery.
Less on the plate, less in the thighs!

Let's face it, the only way to lose weight in record time remains a real diet. But dieting does not mean, no more or less eating, especially during this period when the mother will need an iron health. Thus, all the most unexpected diets invite themselves.

There is that of the beautiful Milla Jovovich and her "5-factor diet" which consists of eating five meals a day, high in protein and low in sugar. His colleague, Heidi Klum may be more gourmet with the 3-Hour Diet Diet, which includes a very light dish every 3 hours. When we see her two months later on the Victoria's Secret show, in lingerie, we can only applaud the performance! Good at the same time, she also had a $ 25 million contract with the brand ... it necessarily helps motivation!

Liz Hurley would have locked herself in his friend Elton John's country house for weeks on a drastic diet of meat, vegetables and brown rice. A month later, she was back in the limelight.
The dynamic singer Gwen Stefani, she does not take the head: "It's just a question of mathematics: you put that amount on your plate, and you have to eliminate the same amount, I gave myself 3 months to get there."

Tori Spelling, for her part, has become the face of a brand of ... home-cooking, NutriSystem! Ok it's not super glamorous, but it worked well for the former star of Beverly Hills, who displays a slender figure, she was well puffy. These meals studied for the diet, also allow not to cook! All good!

Finally according to the spokeswoman of Victoria Beckham, who displays an unreal line despite her many pregnancies: she would be a true gourmet! During her last pregnancy, she would have enjoyed Spanish dishes including paella, which is a complete and balanced recipe. Posh stuffing herself with chorizo? Olé!
Move your body !

Here again no miracle: to find tonicity, firm forms, muscular legs ... the sport is the only method to achieve it. Yes, we must suffer to be beautiful, and some stars are afraid of nothing. Among the most reckless, there is of course the neurotic sports, Madonna, who has a shapely figure in his late fifties and two pregnancies.

To keep their motivation, the stars set themselves unstoppable goals like Denise Richards, who accepted photos in Playboy less than a year after the birth of her daughter Lola.So inevitably, his intensive training consisted of abs and kickboxing classes, six days a week.

For Christina Alguilera, it was more boxing. When to Milla Jovovich she alternated cardio, bodybuilding 25 to 45 minutes a day, for the preparation of her film The Perfect Getaway. To return to Halle Berry Studios, which does not particularly like sports, it also prefers short 30-minute sessions several times a week. But for the sport to remain a pleasure, and to stay motivated, it is better to choose an activity related to his passion.

So Catherine Zeta Jones chose the golf green, while Melanie Brown ran out on the dance floor. The dance is also Gwyneth Paltrow's secret thanks to the coach Tracy Anderson (the same as Madonna), which allowed her to display goddess legs in the last previews.

Kate Hudson, less reckless, she prefers to use curved shoes (Chung shis) that can lengthen the leg muscles and boost blood circulation. The new answer against cellulite.

Always in soft methods, Elle Macpherson, although great sportswoman, never skims in front of a session of Power plate, which muscle in depth without great effort and from 15 minutes. Claudia Schiffer would be a fan of yoga pilates and Angelina Jolie.
Being a mother simply

To spend energy without counting, all you have to do is be a mom! Between short nights, diapers, stress ... naturally the silhouettes are refined! Heidi Klum thus gives the tournis with his schedule: "I have three children, it keeps me busy all day. works and we do a lot of things together. We garden, we jump to the trampoline. I just started playing tennis with my husband. We built a tree house for the kids. We go to the park and feed the ducks. We are always moving! "

Angeline Jolie also has something to do with her tribe that she leads at arm's length. Besides, we always see her carrying a child, not bad to build muscles! Cate Blanchett also admits that for his third child, just running behind his two other sons, made him keep the line! It's that simple...

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