February 28, 2021

The benefits of laughter therapy

Did you know that in 1939 we laughed almost 19 minutes a day and today we are less than a minute away from relaxation zygomatic over 24 hours? A sad figure that makes us think about our relationship to laughter, our emotions and especially our psychological state that seems to make mine look. Stress, work, health problems, the hassle of everyday life, it is often difficult to find time or even an opportunity to burst out laughing. But here, laughter is nevertheless essential for our health! Professionals have studied the subject and have developed laughing clubs around the world.

The rigology or yoga laughter was invented by an Indian doctor: Dr. Madan Kataria. Former internal cardiologist, he discovered that his patients healed faster ... laughing! So he opened the first laugh club in India.
Today thousands of clubs have opened around the world, teaching their followers to find their childhood laughter. Laughing coaches are in business, clowns are in hospitals and "hikers" are making trips to retirement homes! Would laughter be a solution to get better?

Good-hearted laughter for one minute is a 45-minute relaxation. You can measure by this parallel all the benefits of hilarity: relaxation muscular, appeasement, relaxation of tension, letting go ... But what happens when we laugh? When you fall in love, the production of endorphins increases by a third. This natural hormone is a profound anti-stress for the body. Laughter also massages our internal organs, which helps to relieve tensions, or even to remove muscle pain! In some hospitals, patients practicing laughter therapy have seen their morphine dose decrease. The relaxation zygomatic also promotes digestion, bodybuilding, blood circulation and sleep! Hence the effect of a good joke on your body!
But that is not all, laughter, proper to the man, cultivates the positive feelings and puts "binding" in the human relations. To summarize, the more we laugh, the more we de-dramatize and more communication is facilitated. Some patients even admit themselves and become more true after sessions of rigology. Laughter makes us reconnect with our emotions, refocuses and helps us to see life differently. So, what are we waiting for?

How is a Laughter Yoga session? These group "therapies" are meant to bring out your true laughter through interaction and sharing with other members. Classes usually begin with relaxation and breathing exercises. Then follow small playful scenes that are called play therapy. Some sessions end with a meditation to find calm and peace.

What if we can not laugh? It's hard to laugh on command, especially surrounded by strangers. The "rigologists" are there to relax you and some encourage you to laugh forcibly at first, which will relax you and you will at some point, laugh out loud!

Laughter Therapy: Health Benefits of Laughter (February 2021)