November 30, 2021

The benefits of speech therapy: how does a session unfold?

The first stepis the speech-language assessment during which the speech-language pathologist passes to the child standardized tests and tests (that is to say, we have passed on to a large number of children of the same age, which allows statistically to release averages for each age). The child is considered pathological when his test results are more than two standard deviations from the mean.

At the end of this reportThe therapist gives a written report to the child's family and his / her attending physician and, if necessary, sets up sessions. These are listed according to the nomenclature of speech procedures (for example, in case of articulation disorder, it takes 19.2 euros session against 29.04 euros for a language delay.) Note: the sessions are reimbursed at 100% (60% by the security, 40% by the mutual).

One session lasts 30 minutes. In general, one per week is sufficient, but this can vary according to the pathology treated. The speech therapist is, except in special cases, alone with the child, while the parents wait in the waiting room or go for a walk.

Depending on the age and behavior of the young patient, the therapist will use playful means, games, to invest the child as much as possible. Indeed, if the session is too boring, the progress will not be at the rendezvous and the child will go to the next retreat.

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