June 6, 2020

The best care to prepare the skin before hair removal

Before you grab the razor and you jump in your jeans. And hello the cat two days later. Today, you have understood that you must prepare your skin to prevent redness and ingrown hairs.

Erase to erase
If there is a tip to remember and a single gesture to never forget, and even in the depths of a blue lagoon (yes, no excuse is allowed), it is the need for skin scrub !
Everyday, dead skin and impurities clog pores and prevent glare. The skin therefore needs an abrasive wash to get rid of this dull upper layer and thus ensure optimal cell renewal. Clogged pores, ingrown hairs appear ... it's mechanical. Break this hair spiral unsightly by performing a weekly scrub and then systematically after hair removal, regardless of the chosen mode.
The scrub is preferably with a horsehair glove but the glove loofah (100% vegetable) is also suitable for skin finer, more sensitive. The good gesture that also guarantees a slimming massage (the benefit is double): massage the whole body in circular motions and insist on the legs towards the heart. Beyond the activation of the microcirculation, the gentle peeling deep cleanses. For even more results on eliminating dead skin, first apply black soap in a warm and rinse.
Glove loofah Feniqia 8 + black soap paste Bader 13? on www.cosmaterra.fr
Of course, in the morning shower, you will surely not have time for such a long ritual. That's why there are scrubs that offer the same stripping action and invigorating scents. This is the case of Centella Body Scrub (24? on www.centella-boutique.com or institute) which promotes the breathing of the skin and the penetration of the active products.
If the exfoliation is enough to clean the skin, the exfoliation is a gentler gesture, to be done every two, three days. Our selection: Gentle body scrub from Avène (15,75?) That gently peels off dead skin thanks to jojoba beads.
Treat your skin
Before a waxing, the skin must be perfectly dry (add a little talc if you sweat), clean and healthy. That is, there must be no lesions or sores that will worsen with hair removal. The skin should be as pure as possible, rinse any cream or oil residue that may prevent the action of wax or hair removal cream.
The +: Play the pro passing on the area a cotton or wipe soaked in antiseptic gel, as at the beautician!
Some comforters, especially before an epilation electric epilator, will even drag an ice cube on the part to be depilated providing a numbing cold effect. More surprising, prefer hair removal after the menstrual period, when one is less on the nerves and irritable ... especially if you have to remove the wax strips yourself at home!

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