February 28, 2020

The bestiary in love, by Joann Sfar

For six years, Joann Sfar has evolved Fernand, vampire disillusioned, lonely and chronic love, in the series Grand Vampire. With his many fantastic creatures, his romantic storytelling and his never-ending heart-stories, he intended to reach an essentially female audience. Only, the title obviously discouraged women. Then the author took over the series under the name "Bestiary lovers", close his format of manga and put forward the feelings.
In this new adventure, "The age where we are dead", he starred Aspirine, a young vampire who is bad-skinned. Dead at the age of 17, she keeps her maiden body for eternity. She thinks, wrongly, that this situation prevents her from seducing her peers. For his part, Richard Marouani, dragwolf and inveterate seducer, gets caught in his own trap and falls under the spell of Josacine. In the middle of this crossover lovers in the land of monsters, Fernand tries to facilitate relations between everyone.
Introspective, poetic and very rhythmic, this new work is also one of the most touching of the author.
The age where one is dead, Joann Sfar, Editions Delcourt, 14,95?

Chronique de la semaine #35 : Donjon de Joann Sfar, Lewis Trondheim et Cie (February 2020)