September 25, 2021

The big comeback of the jacket

That who did not have his puffy jacket Togs Unlimited in the 80s throws me the first stone! Essential accessory of high school courses, the puffy jacket Sleeve Chevignon had since joined the cemetery of the fashion, next to cyclists and others in lycra sweaters. For two seasons now, the puffy jacket new look is back in our cities.

Thanks to the Moncler brand and people like Victoria Beckham who dubbed her as a fashion accessory of the moment, the puffy jacket has a new right in the wardrobes of elegant city-dwellers. Formerly confined to the snowy slopes of Gstaad or Megève, the puffy jacket is chic and now has the right avenue Montaigne.

Warm, comfortable, light, the puffy jacket will she replace the coat this winter? Can we be elegant and feminine in puffy jacket ?

Let's be honest, with a puffy jacket on the back, one looks more like a bibendum than a sylph. To not look bloated in puffy jacket, go for a puffy jacket trimmed with ultra-light down. Thinner than the jackets winter sports, these jackets new generation will keep you warm all winter!

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