May 13, 2021

The boxes Passage of desire for a Valentine "Orgasmic"

In red and purple, this is how the lovestore Passage du Désir offers you to spend Valentine's Day. Attractive, captivating and irresistible gift ideas.

Awaken the volcano bubbling in you with one of these two boxes. The box of red delights contains a powder "Snowfall" to shine your bodies and make them delicious to eat. Also light the petal bomb: a rain of rose petals will pour on the ground: darling will not come back!

Then go to the serious things with massage oils in berlingots, champagne perfumes, mojito or margarita ... These oils are licking and tasting! Then for fun, pass him the vibrating ring Sex Counter, it will count the number of comings and goings during your antics. "152, not bad, no?"

The purple box "Orgasmic" is what must offer you darling to make you crazy. No bouquet of flowers (yes, if you really want to ...) but fine pearl handcuffs "Pleasure Pearly" Jewelry Indiscrets to awaken the imagination, then the YesForLov women's aroma gel, to apply in sweet massages where it takes.

And there, he brings you the big game: Sa Si de Je Joue, a very intelligent intelligent sex toy that learns and retains exactly what you like: it will remember the modes and functions you have chosen, to take them back times after!

With all this, you're not lying ... Very beautiful, sexy and happy Valentine's Day.

Red gift box: 49?
Purple box: 199?
For sale in the lovestores Passage du Désir or on

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