October 4, 2023

The boy's first name of the day: Léo

Leo is indeed the first name most awarded boy in France in recent years. And according to the Officials first namesit could be attributed to a baby out of 98 in 2012. The first name Leo, which means "Lion" in Latin, began to spread in the 1990s. And his rise was remarkable. It probably owes its success to the vogue of first names Anglo-Saxon because Leo is the English form of Leo. This first name Boy is today carried by about 68,000 human beings. Who are they ? What do they like? If you want to have answers, it's here!

When they're kids, the Leo boys are playful, smart, cunning, and do not keep up. Little Leo is usually intuitive, sensitive and affectionate. They have a lot of trouble cutting the cord with mom. These children are greedy, happy to live and do not have the language in their pocket. Be careful, they do not like constraints. Mom and Dad need to develop the creativity and monitor their propensity to exaggerate and lie.

When they take the bottle, the Leo are curious, charming, sociable, friendly and passionate. They tend to take risks. Extroverted, men are open, persuasive and adapt quickly. The unknown and the conquest stimulate them. Leo's are usually very nervous and impulsive men. Leo's tend to devote themselves to others and can for example be involved in humanitarian movements. Ladies, you must know that Leo is tender and sensual. They will be charming partners.

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