June 23, 2021

The boy's first name of the day: Tao

The children, who are called Tao, are very emotional and divided between their need for autonomy and freedom and a dependence on their family. The message is clear: the Tao must not lack tenderness and security but they must not be smothered either. Education should be flexible. Their sense of responsibility should be developed especially in the family environment. These kids always want to please but they also love the compliments.

The Tao are contradictory characters! They can be independent and dependent, authoritarian and conciliatory, active and passive. The activities can be bold and enthusiastic and then trust gives way to fears, sloppiness or laziness. Receptive and influential, the Tao are also sentient beings. But this sensitivity is hidden behind a screen of coldness, distance, or pride.

The Tao like to appear and to be admired. They have ambition and want to be at the top of the bill in life. They are listening to others. As a general rule, the Tao embark on creative professions in particular. Because they can also become teachers or accountants or psychologists ...

[TAOHUN] The TAO to my HUN ♥ (June 2021)