August 14, 2022

The brand saga: By Terry

In the words of Terry de Gunzburg, "Luxury is what is rare, done with heart and conscience, expressing real expertise. Words that fit perfectly with his world. Terry de Gunzburg is an artist who began studying medicine to devote herself to Fine Arts. She happens by chance in the world of beauty and make-up that she approaches with instinct and creativity. She revolutionized the world of makeup and created in 2001 her own make-up line.

Futuristic and sophisticated, his makeups are small jewels of innovation. The melting textures and comfortable allow a real pleasure of use of products whose colors finish to seduce. By Terry is to makeup what Haute Couture is fashionable! His ambition is to obtain a dyed the perfect shine, relief highlighted by games of shadows and light, a face truly sculpted by an impeccable makeup. To achieve this, innovation and creativity are two of her assets that she knows how to play brilliantly.

And just like the world of Haute Couture, Haute Couleur products are tailor-made for the small world with access to luxury, to the real world. As for the Couture line, it is accessible to the public who want to enjoy the pleasure of rigorous, inventive, high quality and high-end products. Like his fellow dressmakers developing ready-to-wear lines, Terry de Gunzburg offers the Light range at more affordable prices for a broader target of women's talent.
Our advice
As an indication, among the skincare products now unavoidable, the dyed from Rose By Terry is sold at 63? and the Mascara Silky Modeling Effect at 32?.

Terry: The Official Trailer (August 2022)