October 27, 2021

The Christian Dior museum devotes an exhibition to dandyism

From May 1st, the (Channel), program theexposure .

Theexposure temporary "Dandyism 1808-2008" organized at the museum Christian Dior Granville marks the bicentenary of the birth of Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly. This character gave, as early as 1845, in his work Dandyism and Georges Brummel, his first definition of dandyism. Mixing fashion, literature and arts, this exposure revisits the story of this concept, from Barbey d'Aurevilly to Christian Dior.

Dandyism is a current of fashion and society, which was born in England in the late eighteenth century. The organizers of theexposure specify that it is a current "associating a sartorial refinement with a shifted and impertinent spirit in the world of fashion".

The symbolic clothes of this current, such as vests, frock coats and suits, as well as accessories (ties, fans, canes, top hats, shoes) are exposed through portraits and documents.

Part of theexposure is about Dior's revisit of dandyism at the end of the 20th century, notably through the "androgynous dandyism", embodied by the work of John Galliano.

Dandyism 1808-2008, from Barbey d'Aurevilly to Christian Dior
May 1 to September 21, 2008
Museum Christian Dior, Villa "les Rhumbs", 50400 Granville
Price: 6 euros, reduced price 4 euros

Website: www.musee-dior-granville.com

Dior Exhibition / Izstāde Dior / Выставка Диор (October 2021)