May 20, 2024

The classic style in all its states

The classic style represents theelegance ultimate. But this sober and urban fashion often hides a sophisticated simplicity.
The philosophy of this style: the woman with classic style loves models of unadorned clothing that give it a timeless and distinguished look. She seeks above all that which is elegant, natural and practical.

She favors "basics" like tailors, straight pants or well-cut jackets. Her favorite colors are navy blue and dark colors (brown or black) that she combines in shades.

She can also play the originality with Jacquard, Scottish or houndstooth prints. Natural materials like cotton, velvet, or flannel make it a modern and natural woman.

Advice :
So that "classic style"do not rhyme with austerity, make the difference with accessories that are out of the ordinary! A colorful jewel, a purse, or an original scarf will allow you to raise your sober silhouette while maintaining its elegance.

Magic City Classic Bama State Style (May 2024)