December 10, 2023

The coffee would help to recover after the effort

The caffeine would help the muscles recover after physical exertion. This was shown by a study conducted by eight researchers from different Australian universities, published in May 2008 in The Journal of Applied Physiology. The caffeine would help replenish more quickly the glycogen store, a carbohydrate found in the muscles that feeds the body during exercise.
The experiment was conducted on seven cyclists training regularly, which the researchers had pedaled until their glycogen level was depleted. Some sportsmen then drank a drink containing carbohydrates, and others a drink containing carbohydrates as well as a large dose of caffeine. These had recovered 66% more glycogen than others, four hours after the experiment.
The researchers still report that the dose of caffeine ingested, the equivalent of six cups, caused sleep disorders among athletes. Future studies will test the effectiveness of lower amounts on the body.

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