February 29, 2024

The "coffice", what is this trend?

The "coffice", what is it?
Contraction of "coffee" and "office", the "coffice" brings together the idea of ​​an office and coffee. If in the United States, several channels already offer to independent to find themselves in their premises, distributors of drinks and snacks in support, the coffice arrives slowly in France.

In concrete terms, how is this going?
Rather than paying office rent, it is possible to find a local (coffee or other) that offers a daily offer. Internet connection and drinks at affordable prices ... and sometimes even meeting rooms! Some American brands even offer them free, provided of course to order food and drink ... France should not delay to follow the movement.

Why is it trendy?
More and more self-employed people like to find spaces to not work alone all day long; but they often need a lot of coffee and a good wifi connection! The coffice also allows you to network and work outside your home. A good way to get inspired while meeting other people. At a time when auto entrepreneurs and students are more and more numerous while renting premises is expensive, the coffice seems to meet a real demand. To be continued...

[4 Angles] Changing Role of Cafes - "Coffice" (February 2024)