May 28, 2024

The controversial book about our health system

The latest controversial book of this season "If we do not do anything, we will not be able to treat you tomorrow!" is a book which lays the foundation for a citizen debate on a subject that concerns us all: our system of health. Its author, Mathias Matallah, is a specialist in health and its financing.

Without complacency, putting forward shocks arguments, the director of the consulting company jalma, specialized in the health and its financing, does not denigrate "the best system of health of the world. "He wants to shake up our ideas on the subject.

His arguments: the growing incompetence of a medical body drifting; the shocking inequalities of access to care, including the public hospital; the therapeutic relentlessness pushed to the point of absurdity; the damage, still largely obscured, caused by obesity and stress; the inevitable bankruptcy of the Secu, plundered by pensioners who consume in care five times their contributions ...

Mathias Matallah does not simply draw up an inventory: he proposes bold solutions, disturbing, which can call into question the very foundations of our system of health.

"If we do not do anything, we will not be able to look after you tomorrow!", Mathias Matallah, Editions Editea, 18?

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