August 16, 2022

The corepole

The principle
As very often the news comes from across the Atlantic. The corepole, a device a little surprising at first sight, makes work all the superficial and deep muscles. The drill are made with elastics equipped with wrists and stirrups, connected to a base. Three colors define the degree of resistance, blue, green and red.
As Hélène Haynes, director of the center "And your body smiles", "everything is done in finesse, we do not go into force by pulling the elastics anyhow.It is important to position yourself to work properly. his body. "

My opinion

"A more fun way to move your body and build muscles effectively.I liked the friendly side of this course.We work in a good mood! It is possible to be up to eight around the machine. Paradoxically, I felt a certain intensity in the efforts, but without being tired. The drill made using this device are reminiscent of Pilates. And like this last discipline, I had no stiffness the next day and yet believe me, I did not pretend! "

T-shirt, underpants, no need for sneakers.

Duration of the course

One o'clock.

Where to practice?

For the moment in the center "And your body smiles", bd haussmann in Paris.
Check with sports clubs in your city.

How to COREPOLE on AMARULA VR (August 2022)