July 10, 2020

The dangers of the sun: precautions for the whole family

It is a fact ! The sun has an antirachitic action because the UV help the synthesis of vitamin D, it improves diseases like dermatoses and it has an antidepressant action. But there are some safety rules to respect or else beware of its harmful effects.

- Protect yourself by wearing appropriate clothing, glasses and a hat

If you did not know it, even light dry clothes filter the ultraviolet rays and are therefore the best protection against the sun. Regarding sunglasses, they must have an enveloping shape and dad and mom must make sure that they wear the CE standard. For the hat, you should prefer wide brim to protect the eyes, the face but also the neck.

- Avoid exposure to the hours of the day when the radiation is most intense

That is between 12:00 and 16:00. At these times, the ultraviolet rays are intense. If your kids want to do an outdoor activity, look for places in the shade. At the beach, the parasol is essential but it will not protect your whole family because of the reverberation of the sun's rays on the sand.

- Apply a good sunscreen regularly

The sunscreen must be applied in sufficient layer on all parts of the body that may be exposed to sunlight. This action must be repeated every two hours and after each swim.

- Opt instead for high protection indices

How to protect your toddlers even more

It's quite simple! The babies should never be exposed to the sun. As for children and teensthey must protect themselves well. And why ? Until puberty, children's skin and eyes remain more fragile and sensitive to sunlight. Repeated exposures, which can lead to sunburn, can cause the development of melanoma (skin cancer) in adulthood.

Summer Safety 101: Tips To Keep Your Whole Family Safe (July 2020)