June 2, 2020

The different practices of yoga

So there are more or less active and tonic practices like ashtanga, the power yoga, dynamic like anusara, hatha yoga, levinyasa flow, Iyengar, jivamukti, or yoga vibes; calm, meditative or restorative like yin yoga, and the yin and yang yoga. Here is a description of the main ones to help you choose

Ashtanga yoga
The ashtanga yoga from the teachings of K.Pattabi Jois, who was one of the first Guruji to allow Westerners access to this method. He has taught all his life all over the world, especially in the United States. This is one of yogas most practiced in the West, based on precise series of sequences of postures and breathing. He is part of the family of yogas very dynamic, ideal for fighting against fatigue and stress, muscle and detoxify.



Hatha yoga
One of the best known, it is at the origin of many other currents.
It combines physical exercises, essentially static, and breathing techniques allows to develop smoothly flexibility and endurance. These classes help to relieve stress and fatigue and provide great relaxation.

The vinyasa flow
These are essentially classes of postures coordinated with the breathing mixing the traditional basic techniques (Hatha-Anusara-Ashtanga-Iyengar) and innovative approaches: new postures, specific work of the lower or upper body, the column vertebral, pelvis etc ...
These dynamic classes are particularly recommended for those who do not have a regular practice and all practitioners who want to discover new variations.



The Anusara
created in the United States by John Friend, he knows an extraordinary craze around the world. Straight from the great philosophical principles of Hatha, based on tantric philosophy, Anusara means "flowing with Grace" "flowing with Nature" "following your heart".
It's a yoga which encourages a deep spirituality by integrating the therapeutic work of alignment.
Each class integrates different elements: songs, meditation, sequences of postures coordinated with the breathing, and the occasional use of accessories (straps, blocks, cushions, blankets ...) to help each practitioner to access a deep postural and spiritual work.



Yin Yang Yoga
This course proposes to associate a yang sequence through movement and a yin sequence by exploring immobility. At first the yang sequence frees the body from the tensions of daily activity. It provides access to the physical and mental balance needed to address the second sequence. The sequence of yin postures, through breathing, then mobilizes the inner consciousness and energy. These two sequences prepare the mind for deep relaxation and better physical, emotional, mental and energetic stability for meditation.

Bikram Yoga
It is a series of 26 dynamic poses and two breathing exercises where each posture stretches and strengthens muscles, tendons, ligaments and specific joints, thus preparing the body for the next posture that takes the work further. It is performed in a room heated around 40 ° C to facilitate a deeper stretch thus reducing the risk of muscle injury and heat allows effective elimination of toxins. This physical exercise is a challenge between oneself and oneself and stimulates the body as a whole (immune, nervous, digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, hormonal, etc.) and brings great serenity and mental strength. (//www.bikramyogaparis.com).

New: Levitation Yoga!

Acrobatic at first glance, this fun course consists in practicing the yoga while being suspended in the air, thanks to a system specially designed for this activity.
Accessible to all, the technique Levitation Yoga combines movements of yoga traditional, dance and circus arts under form of choreographies.
The postures performed in this course resolve the tensions and improve the flexibility of the body.The course also provides a feeling of lightness by freeing the body from gravity! (at the Beaubourg factory //www.usineopera.ch).

Power Yoga
Power has become, in a small decade, one of the most yogas most practiced in the West. It's a yoga physical, tonic, cardio, suitable for all those who are more attracted to the physical and challenging aspect offered by the yoga, only by the spiritual and meditative dimension.

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Different Yoga Styles: Hatha Vinyasa Yin Restorative - Which One Should You Practice? (June 2020)