June 23, 2024

The discovery of sex in the child from 2 to 5 years: how to react?

As soon as the language is learned, naming the child's body parts and, in particular, his or her genitals, helps him to feel comfortable in his body. During the first 18 months of life, a child learns the difference between a girl and a boy and identifies with people of her sex. Before three years, the child's empowerment also allows him to appropriate his body and a psychological self, two key factors in the construction of his sexuality.

Between two and three yearschildren are familiar with their bodies, which they have explored themselves (without the need to forbid them!). They begin to be curious about the bodies of others. As clothes cover the bodies of others, it even sharpens their curiosity! They try to touch the hair, the breasts of the mother or the penis of the father. This is undoubtedly the opportunity to set a limit and introduce the notion of intimacy of the body of others.

From four years old, the child must know that nudity is not meant to be shown. If, at home, according to the ways of life of each one, it can be authorized, when a visitor comes or when one is outside, one wears clothes because one can disturb the others.

Especially around the age of 5, kids like to play "doctor" or "daddy and mom". If these games are tolerable, it should nevertheless not be allowed to drift by touching outside their age. A caress may be full of curiosity but a kiss on the other hand may reveal the fact that the child has seen images or scenes inappropriate for his age. It is also important that these games are played between children of the same age because an older child can take the advantage and lead the child into undesirable paths.
Our advice
All children need to be in contact with other children their age. It's part of their social and sexual learning.

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