August 15, 2022

The dredge, that can be learned?

The dredgeit is a question of self-confidence and image that we give in a matter of minutes. If this allows the cleverest of us to "pack" the object of our desires, beware it is not a miracle solution to keep it! The dredge can be learned; but certainly neither thelove neither love at first sight can be tamed.

All seductresses give off insurance which makes them beautiful. They are so positive and so relaxed that they make you want to be known.

To dredge well, you have to feel good in your clothes and in your makeup: both are a varnish that shines side stack and protects side face!

More we are authenticthe more chance you have to please. To play a role, we let ourselves be quickly unmasked. On the other hand, we can boost our qualities and make ourselves a little "saleswoman".

Know the men and their interests is obviously a decisive asset: are you able to speak sport, politics, business, news ... in short, a wide range of topics that appeal to men and allows you to bounce? Because it must be said that men are quickly tired of the "moods", the beauty recipes and "gadgets" girls. They love being listened to.

Non-verbal communication is an art that you must learn to master. A touch by "inadvertence" of his hand, a naughty corner look, a mysterious smile, eyes modestly lowered ... Men are very receptive to what is not verbiage that often loses them.
Our advice
Know how to let yourself be desired. Nothing is more intimidating for a man than to be harpooned. Give him time to wonder whether he wants you or not and let his hunting instinct pursue you. To know how desirable is, certainly, flattering for a man. Being "cared for" is humiliating.

MTG Vintage - Pitch Dredge - Reflections and Lessons Learned (August 2022)