October 27, 2021

The end of diapers, a difficult step

Your child has just been a year old and your family already asks when he is going to take off his diapers. Each child goes at his own pace, our advice to go through this important step.

The good moment...

... when your child is ready. Generally, the training of cleanliness is done around 18-24 months. The child is physically and psychologically ready. He is able to control his muscles and must want to be clean. It will not help to force him or put pressure on him. If he refuses the pot, the best solution is to put it back in the closet and try again later!

How to help your child?

Do not use blackmail with your child. Tell him "if you are not clean you will not be able to go to school "," you are a baby " or "go there to please me, " is not a solution and will not empower your child. The training of the cleanliness must be a pride for your child, his victory.

To motivate him he can come with you to buy underwear that will please him and that will make him want to leave his diaper. During this learning, your child will certainly have small accidents. Do not punish him, it would be useless and could make him regress. You have to explain to him that it does not matter, he'll do better next time. But, your child will also have victories, in this case show him that you are proud of him.

At night, sleep or not?

Again, each parent decides. Some remove layers while others prefer to leave them to avoid having to deal with an accident. The main thing is to respect the rhythm and desires of the child, this mother in her forties has understood: "A child is motivated when he wants to imitate his big brother.I used diapers very practical so that the child can go on the pot alone whenever he wants.I left the bed at night but she was rarely wet. Do not be in a hurry because accidents can happen again.

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