August 15, 2022

The essentials for a nude makeup

Natural, subtle, feminine, makeup nude combines discretion with femininity to magnify your natural beauty.

The first step in makeup is to moisturize your skin. Generously spread your usual moisturizing day cream on your face before applying your dyed.

For the choice of the background of dyed : opt for a tone on tone, because it must get as close as possible to your complexion; a texture that is both fluid and velvety is ideal to hide imperfections.

Your skin must be as natural as possible, so if it has no major defects to erase, prefer deep in dyed a simple loose powder or a concealer dyed as a unifying basis.

Powder is a must for makeup nude successful. The Mineral powders have our preference, as well as all those with light and airy texture.

For your cheekbones, there too, the choice of your blush must be worn on pastel colors: peach, salmon colors ... Avoid colors too dark.

For the makeup of the eyes, the eye shadow (beige, peach, pink, pastel) should be applied to your entire brow bone for a better effect nude.

Finally, to perfect your makeup, apply the essential gloss on your lips. Whether transparent or slightly colored, we offer a tip for a total effect nude : apply a light hazelnut from your bottom of dyed on your lips before the gloss.
Our advice
The mascara is to be used in small doses. Opt for a transparent hue for an effect gloss or apply it in very small keys.

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