August 15, 2022

The Europeans went on a diet before the holidays

Who says vacation said lazy, chocolate donuts on the beach, prolonged aperitifs and gargantuan meals. Gourmands the Europeans. They like to enjoy their free time and it shows.
No questions for them to restrict themselves during vacation. Because to enjoy the local gastronomy, it is also the vacation.
The swimsuit event is not a pleasure. Hard to hide its flaws when one is half naked. As much to anticipate to limit the breakage on the arrival. An attitude well anchored in the habits of Europeans. According to a study recently published by the travel site (in partnership with YouGov), 55% of Europeans would like to shed a few pounds before their holidays. On average, out of the 7000 respondents from 6 different countries, the loss envisaged represents 2.3 kilos compared to weight departure.
In France, we would be 53% to wish to lose weight before departure. A figure that is not surprising when we know that the French are in the European top women most concerned about their pace (59% against 47% of men). In the end, only 17% would be fully satisfied with their physique. They begin to lose about 2.59kg against 1.89 kg in men.
If they outperform the Germans, visibly little worried about their line (18%), it is the Italians who prance ahead of intentions of loss of weight with 2.6 kg less. They are also the ones who make the most effort to achieve this. 38% of them plan to do a serious job diet food, to put to sport, to make cures slimming institutes ... Some even consider going through the plastic surgery box. Less courageous men are those who consider the most extreme solution (1.27% against 0.87% of women).
A real vicious circle of being anxious to lose weight to please on the beach while wanting to enjoy hearty meals. A reflection that makes almost 50% of respondents say that " thin or not, people should first and foremost benefit from their vacation » says Virginie Sery, communications manager of In the end, any nation combined, we would be heavier by 1.38kg compared to our weight at the beginning. Many efforts for unsustainable results in the long run.
The only solution to stay in the finish to the end, tummy to appear to be thinner, at least the time to leave the towel and reach the water. We would still 12% to do in France against 18% of the British, the real champions of bluffing.

European Diet: lose weight today! (August 2022)