December 1, 2021

The falsely ingenuous lingerie set by Wolford

A lingerie worthy of the most beautiful parades, with a romantic spirit, with its embroidery of small light and satiny flowers ... Here is what proposes Wolford just before school starts. One would think to be in the dream of a bride on her wedding night ...

This is indeed what wanted Wolford : with this line of lingerie luxurious and singular, the creators wished to make a model of lingerie for the wedding as for the naughty nights of the rest of the year with a lover in love with these underwear.

The originality of this set: the delicate leaves of flowers are turned outwards, for an even more watermarked and precious effect. The satin knots, the fancy straps, the three models of bra, suitable for any neckline -including wedding dress, as well as the must-have garter are part of the wedding series.

But the lingerie Wolford plays with the color palette. The tones are soft, pastels, cream to mauve through the crocus, not to mention the classic black and white. But whatever the hue, the details are finished with care, the materials and the lines are studied to sublimate the feminine forms.

Together lingerie, from 100?

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