April 17, 2024

The Fashion Flop of the day: is it necessary to revamp Kristen Stewart?

Is there a problem Kristen Stewart ? In view of the pout of the young actress at the premiere of Twilight 3 in Korea, one is entitled to ask the question as the young woman seems to be bored. Sulky pout, nonchalant pose, Kristen Stewart seems to completely miss the promotion of his new film ... which could become a big problem, knowing that the film rests on his shoulders and his duet with Robert Pattinson.

And if the French fans were already struggling to swallow the fact that no official preview in the presence of the actors would take place in France, it is not certain either that he appreciate the nonchalance of Kristen.

Go Kristen, a little effort: we smile and put on a pretty dress!

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