December 1, 2021

The first name Elodie: what you need to know

The first name Elodie comes from the Greek elodiê which means "flower of the fields", or Latin alodis, "free land". This first name fashionable is still awarded today. It is in France that it exploded from the 1960s. But he had the apotheosis between 1987 and 1989, two years during which he was at the forefront of first names feminine, after centuries of discretion.

A little history: Saint Elodie is a Spanish martyr of the ninth century. This young woman came from Huesca, Andalusia. In 851, she refused to abjure her Christian faith and was executed by the Muslims.

The Elodie are apparently modest and erased, but they show great energy and pugnacity that make them get what they want. Their audacity and character, their natural and seductive charm make the Elodie very good at public relations.

Have a child and call her Elodie means you're going to give her a first name rational, evoking a capacity for discernment, but afraid of the unknown and constantly needs to be reassured about what surrounds him and his own abilities.

Variants: Elodia, Alodia, Alodie, Alodi, Lodi, and the Basque Country, Elodi.

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