December 3, 2020

The first name of the day: Ambroise

Etymology of firstname Ambroise
The first name Ambrose comes from the illustrious and means "immortal". This first name is carried by about 4,000 people in France and remains little attributed today. We are honoring Ambroise on December 7th.

In Greek mythology Ambrose represented ambrosia, the honey-flavored food that had to be eaten or eaten, which made the gods immortal. After that first name spread in Latin Antiquity and was a great success. It was also worn by St. Ambrose, who was one of the greatest liturgists of the Church. It was he who, in 387, baptized the future St. Augustine Doctor of the Latin Church, he died archbishop in Milan in the fourth century. Over the centuries first name Ambroise has spread in France and is still appreciated today. In Italy the derivative of Ambroise, Ambrosio has become very popular.

Ambroise is a young man full of energy. In his professional life, Ambroise shows himself to be hardworking, voluntary, efficient and determined. In his personal life, Ambroise likes to seduce and needs to be close to his family and friends.

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