December 10, 2019

The first name of the day: Charles

Etymology of the first name Charles
The first name Charles comes from Germanic and means "strength". This first name is carried by about 113,000 people in France and is even in the top 100 national. We honor the Charles on November 4th.

In History there are about 15 saints. We find for example Saint Charles, who comes from an Italian noble family, made the choice to live poorly and to fulfill his religious vocation. Archbishop of Milan, he created schools for the education of priests. He nursed sick people of the plague in 1576. Over the centuries there were ten kings of France, seven emperors of Germany, two kings of England, thirteen kings of Sweden and several kings of Spain who wore this first name. Today Charles follows his path and is still awarded in France.

Charles is a determined and pragmatic young man. In his professional life, he is creative and communicates a lot with his entourage. In his personal life, Charles likes to reassure his family.

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