June 23, 2024

The first name of the day: Felix

Felix, the name of happiness

Felix, felicis ... here are Latin terms that simply mean "happiness". Félix so is a first name particularly optimistic, which has also been a great success and was carried by many personalities throughout Europe: Roman emperors, popes, artists like the German composer Felix Mendelssohn or politicians like the French Felix Faure ... without forget of course, Felix the cat! In relation or not, moreover, with one of the Saint Felix, an Italian monk of the sixteenth century who was the protector of dogs and cats. But the one that is celebrated on January 14 is certainly Saint Felix of the third century, who was put to death in Tunisia for attending a Mass. Or the bishop who built the cathedral of Nantes ...

Felix, a rating down

If the first name Felix For less than 500 newborns a year, half as much as in the early twentieth century, it has never completely disappeared. Certainly, in France, Félix have an average age of over 70 years. So his rating is down, without making it a first name rare. Especially since he can now surf the wave of first names short and so is able to experience a new upswing.

All the charm of Félix

As a general rule, Félix have really endearing personalities. They are reputed friendly, sweet, delicate, devoted, only qualities! Affectivity plays a big part in their lives. They can sometimes annoy by their phlegmatic side. The Félix dream and follow their dreams. Children wearing the first name Felix are therefore great charmers, loving to please, but it is also appropriate to "push" a little, especially at the school level.

FELIX ❤ ( marzia's deleted video ) (June 2024)