August 16, 2022

The first name of the day: Inès

When they are still small, the Ines are endearing, affectionate and kind. But sometimes you have to be wary of the water that sleeps. They must quickly learn the concepts of work, discipline, homework ... Parents must be tender but firm. Loving above all his familythey will be careful to do well and will always have the pleasure of making mum and dad happy. Their schooling will depend on their family environment. They usually have an excellent memory. On the other hand, they have a developed artistic sense.

Over the years, the Inès appreciate the company but are emotional and sensitive. These women are not really dynamic and always prefer to postpone what they can do the same day. They must be motivated to act. They are dreamers. But the Ines have assets: their charm, their kindness, their helpfulness and their intuition. Very human, the Ines can choose a social or humanitarian way.

We can estimate that this first name girl will be given to a baby out of 83 in 2012.

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