May 13, 2021

The first name of the day: Isaure

This first name is currently carried by approximately 2,000 French women. But who are they? A few lines to make you a little idea. Little girls have a lot of affection to spare. To please their familythey will make themselves indispensable and responsible. A harmonious agreement in the family home is essential for their development. The opposite could unbalance them. The Isaure can be attracted by the artistic side: art, dance, music.

Women are generally emotional and are strongly concerned about their family. But the Isaure are as active, courageous, energetic, independent and do not run away from their responsibilities. They like to surpass themselves. Loving peace, they provide daily efforts to maintain balance in their surroundings. Their calm appearance comforts and reassures. But we must not trust appearances. Because they are very nervous. As a rule, the Isaure are diplomats, perfectionists and well organized. They are not resentful.

The Isaure are ambitious and do not always support the second places. On the other hand, they are hesitant and idealistic and they complicate their existence by sometimes seeking the impossible.

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