October 22, 2021

The first name of the day: Léopoldine

History of the first name Léopoldine
Derived from first name Leopold, Leopoldine has often been awarded in the European nobility, especially in France and Germany. It mostly went up on the 19the century, when the famous writer Victor Hugo called his daughter Leopoldine. His untimely death at the age of 19 affected the novelist. His collection "Les contemplations", published in 1856, is largely devoted to the memory of his daughter, especially through the poem "Tomorrow at dawn" where he addresses directly to her. Since then first name is very little awarded, it is carried by about 1,000 people in France.

The voluntary nature of Leopoldine
The first name Leopoldine comes from the Germanic liut "people", and bald "courageous". This meaning makes her a willing and ambitious person. She has that strength that allows her to move forward in life and blossom with the presence of those around her. While growing up, Leopoldine is often passionate and talkative.
Variables of the first name Leopoldine
Leopoldine is found in different forms, so we can give a name like Leopold, Leopolda, Poldie, Polde.

Léopoldine, Alvaro & Jasmine: Ho Hey - Théâtre - NOUVELLE STAR 2014 (October 2021)