January 16, 2022

The first name of the day: Louka

What do you think of first name Louka boy? This first name, which means "Light" in Latin, is carried by about 6,000 people in the hexagon. Are the Louka balanced? Do they have a sense of responsibility? Discover the main traits that lie behind this first name in strong growth.

People, who wear this first name boy, are proud and proud. Tenacious and picky, the Louka do not support chess especially repeated. They will have a lot of trouble getting their fill. Some members of their family can even blame them for being egocentric.

The Louka may have different character traits: either they are generous, enthusiastic and energetic. In this case, they radiate and enjoy being the focus of their loved ones. The responsibilities do not scare them; either they are authoritarian and too categorical; either they are distant and embittered with their surroundings. The Louka also like concrete and stability.

Suzanne Vega - Luka (Official Video) (January 2022)