April 20, 2024

The first name of the day: Lourdes

This first name is carried by nearly 500 people in France. Note that the daughter of Madonna is called Lourdes.

When they are small, who are they? Pleasant and responsible, Lourdes can have a tomboy side. In spite of this missed boy side, she likes to please and to please. Harmony in the family is a priority. Affective and sensitive, she does not like arguments and aggression and needs peace and love.

Lourdes will become a resolute, energetic and determined woman. "Square" and authoritarian, she sometimes doubts her abilities. Active, perfectionist and hardworking, she can take and assume responsibilities.

The Lourdes are passionate people who need to motivate themselves and to invest themselves "thoroughly". Women, who wear this first nameare brave and enterprising and hate injustice. Friendship is very important for the Lourdes who strive to be open and conciliatory.

Lourdes - 16th apparition: "I am the Immaculate Conception" (April 2024)