March 26, 2023

The first name of the day: Lucille

It will be Lucille, which means light in Latin. This first name girl is carried by about 8,000 people in France. Want to know more about this first name little attributed today? It's here. When they are still children, Les Lucille are fragile and easily influenced. They need to be protected. But these little girls have great strength: their creativity.

As she ages, Lucille become charming and feminine women. They are also perennial and sensitive. They are particularly intuitive and imaginative. Their creativity can promote their success. In need of tenderness, Lucille are in search of life in a relationship. They are emotional and communicative. They have a practical sense. In work, Lucille are motivated, courageous and enterprising people. Especially since they are sensitive to social success and material goods.

Negan introducing Lucille (March 2023)