September 30, 2020

The first name of the day: Margaux

Etymology of firstname Margaux
The first name Margaux comes from Greek and means "pearl". This first name is carried by about 46,000 people in France and is even in the top 50 national. The Margaux are honored on October 16th.

Margaux began to spread as early as the Middle Ages in the form of Margot but it was only a few centuries later that this first name became popular. Indeed originally this first name was considered the diminutive of Marguerite thanks to Queen Margaret of Valois who was nicknamed Queen Margot. It was only a few centuries later that Margot was replaced by her namesake Margaux, a form chosen by the great writer Ernest Hemingway for one of his little girls. He paid tribute to one of his favorite drinks, the Grand Cru of Médoc, Château-Margaux. Today, this first name very French is still popular and trendy.

Margaux is a charming girl, spontaneous and refined. In her professional life she is persevering and motivated. In her personal life, Margaux is passionate and enthusiastic.

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