April 20, 2024

The first name of the day: Marina

Who are they ? What do they like? It's up to you to discover it. When they are small, the Marina is adorable and endearing. They like to please and the family is very important. An imbalance or misunderstanding in the family universe may disrupt the Marina. These little girls are dreamers and it is essential to promote their autonomy.

The Marina, become women, have a strong personality, are human and sensitive. Dreaming of a better world, they want to reach out to the most deprived and therefore are interested in social and associative movements. They are inspired and creative women who sometimes have the spirit of sacrifice. Open-minded, they are ready to collaborate with others. But their dreams, sometimes utopian, adapt poorly in everyday life and their nervous balance can be weakened.

When they are in love, the Marina tends to idealize the loved one. Ladies, watch out for disappointments and disappointments. They fully assume their maternity and affective values ​​are paramount to them.

In the world of work, the Marina tend to become a teacher, sociologist, social worker, midwife, artist ... They can also move towards a career in politics. Some may choose to be simply a mother of family loving and caring.

"Are You Satisfied?" - Marina and the Diamonds (w/Lyrics) (April 2024)