September 30, 2020

The first name of the day: Martine

Origin of name Martine
The first name Martine comes from Latin and refers to Mars, the Roman god of War. This first name is carried by about 294,000 people in France and it should not be awarded to more than 30 babies in 2013. We honor the Martine on January 30th.

In the 2nd century, Saint Martine was the very fortunate girl of a Roman consul. She converted to the Christian religion, and devoted herself to the poor. Some time later, she was arrested during the persecutions of Alexander Severus and refused to abjure his faith. Saint Martine undergoes martyrdom before being decapitated in the Roman capital. She became one of the patrons of Rome. Subsequently, Martine spread in several countries and was a great success in France around 1945, which took him to the top of the charts. first names from 1955 to 1960. Today this first name remains little attributed.
Martine is an enthusiastic young woman. In her professional life she can be ambitious, serious and trustworthy. In her personal life Martine is reserved and sometimes lacks self-confidence.

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