June 10, 2023

The first name of the day: Maude

Origin and etymology
The first name Maude, comes from the Germanic and means "power, fight". Maude with an "e" is much less attributed than Maud. There are approximately 5,000 people wearing this first name in France. The Maude are honored on March 14th.

History of the first name
Old form of Mathilde, the first name Maude was formed in the Anglo-Saxon countries from the fifteenth century and was used until the mid-nineteenth century. In France this first name spread from the 1950s. In the United States the first name Maude was successful following the release of Hal Ashby's American film "Harold and Maude" in the 1970s.

Character of Maude
At work, Maude is a strategist and enjoys taking on the role of leader. Her iron will and ardor make her a strong person. In love she is passionate and endearing.

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