May 28, 2024

The first name of the day: Mazarine

Etymology of given name Mazarine
The first name Mazarine comes from the feminine Mazarin, cardinal and politician who succeeded Richelieu as Prime Minister in France from 1643 to 1661. This first name rare is carried by about 600 people.

Mazarine is a first name rare that remains little worn either in the hexagon or other countries. We find Cardinal Mazarin (1602-1661), who was minister of the regent Anne of Austria, then of the young king Louis XIV. This Italian politician from Abruzzo left an important mark in the history of France, since he was a sort of model of the statesman, desperate to achieve his ends. Subsequently, his name was given to the palace built under his orders and which houses the French Academy, as well as the public library in Paris. A few centuries later, the first name Mazarine, which until then was little known and was known, was discovered in 1994, when the existence of the illegitimate daughter of President Fran├žois Mitterrand was discovered.

Mazarine is a balanced young woman. In her professional life, she has a sense of responsibility and enjoys working as a team. In her personal life she is determined and enjoys being surrounded by family and friends.

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