May 23, 2022

The first name of the day: Nell

Etymology of firstname Nell
The first name Nell, who is attributed to a girl most often but also for a boy, means "champion" in Celtic. It is relatively unaffected in France, only 2,000 people wear this first name in the hexagon. In contrast, this first name, seduces more and more families in the West Indies.

Character of Nell

Nell is a person of knowledge and wisdom. Often independent, she is always careful to live in comfort. When she grows up, Nell becomes a big sentimental with a strong emotivity, which can sometimes disturb those around her. He is also a very caring person who always makes himself available to his friends.

The Variances
The first name Nell is a first name rather unusual, but has a number of variances. Here are the few first names : Nele, Nelia, Nelie, Nella, Nelli, Nellie, Nely, Nelly, Nelhy.

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