June 2, 2020

The first name of the day: Tiago

Finally relieved, you shared this news with all the family who will now be eager to find the meaning of this first name boy. We will make it easier for him. Who are they ? What do they like? This first name, carried by about 5,000 French, means supplant, heels in Hebrew. His trend is growing rapidly.

The children, who overflow with energy, reject the so-called rigid authority. The Tiago prefer a frank and direct attitude. They will also respect the people who will put their trust in him. Very upright, they have a sense of justice. For them, the family is not an empty word. They are affectionate and responsible children. You have to get up early to impress and influence a child who wears this first name. On the other hand, they are conscientious and courageous. They are burned heads! A sporting activity is therefore necessary for their balance.

Men, who wear this first name boy, are authoritarian, ambitious and passionate. Tiago need to be physically active. They are serious and trustworthy. Hating flattery, some are temperamental and arrogant. They are impatient, irritable and even aggressive beings. Do not worry. The Tiago are also nice, responsible and curious men. Loving harmony and peace, family always holds an important place in their lives. Know that the Tiago are listening and will respond present in case of problems.

The General's Daughter: Marcial and Tiago's cause of conflict | EP 4 (June 2020)