June 23, 2024

The first names of the day: Joséphine and Léonard

The first name Josephine comes from Hebrew and means "God will add". This first name is carried by about 30,000 people and is in the top 200 national. Josephine is honored on March 19th.

The Origin of the first name Josephine
Slave born in Sudan in the nineteenth century, St. Josephine was released by the Italian consular agent who had bought. She converted to Christianity and ended her life in peace in a convent in Italy in Veneto. It was not until the eighteenth first name was a great success in France, thanks to the Empress Josephine (1763-1814). Subsequently, this first name was replaced by Josette in the 1850s. From the 1990s, Joséphine became fashionable again and was strongly attributed to France.

Josephine is an intuitive young woman. In her professional life, she is responsible, autonomous and enterprising. In her personal life, Josephine hides a sensitive skin that she struggles to control, and most often finds comfort with her family.

Regarding Leonard, this first name comes from Latin and means "Lion". On the rise since 2010, first name is only worn by around 8,000 people in France. St. Leonard is celebrated on November 6 in memory of a saint who lived as a hermitage in the Orleans forest.

Origin of the name Léonard
When we talk about the first name Leonardo, we often think of the famous painter, a native of Tuscany. Sculptor, architect but also brilliant inventor, Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) is for many, a universal spirit that still fascinates today. His most famous painting remains the Portrait of Mona Lisa (1503), who will become the Mona Lisa. After many inventions, he ended his days near Ambroise. Its fame allowed to first name Leonardo to endure through the centuries.

Character of Leonardo
Leonard is a kindly man. At work he is very voluntary, a subtle strand. In love he is very attentive and analyzes everything he does

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