September 19, 2020

The fitness tips of coach Julie Ferrez for the summer

First step: Julie Ferrez gives us the keys thinness and sport from his perfect body (read the article "Step Two: Well-being & Flat Belly"). The coach has established feasible program wherever you want, whenever you want. To renew every day before the beach and to continue during the holidays to obtain the form and the forms of the great sportsmen.

Like champions, cardio every day
Start your sessions with 30 minutes cardio every day to burn fat deep. Alternate one day in two fast walk (crushing as much as possible the heels in the ground, the elbows bent at 90 °) and jogging. "The important thing is not to be short of breath at the risk of degrading sugar and not fat"Advises the coach.
Like top athletes, train as much as you can outdoors Light has an antidepressant role and silence provides a feeling of well being.

Five basic exercises to do every day (25 to 30 minutes)
1. The exercise "iron legs" :allows go up the glutes and bend the thighs. To do this, keep a straight line in front of you and run slits as low as possible, legs bent forward. The leg forward should be resting on the heels and not on the toes. Inhale on the descent, exhale at the ascent.

2. The "dips" : musclent the chest, the back, the back of the arms. Build on a bench or chair by placing your hands on each side of the glutes. Keep your back straight. Bend your arms and go down, grazing your back on the point of support. The shoulders should not go down lower than the elbows.

3. The jumping jack promotes the elimination of cellulite, shakes the fatty tissues and accelerates the heart rate. Keep your feet tight and your hands on your waist. Jump by spreading the legs and tightening them, the legs still slightly bent. Inhale when the legs are apart. Perform 3 sets of 20.

4. The "butterfly abs" or the perfect abs: the lumbar do not suffer, all the abdominal muscles are working. Lie on your back with your hands behind your head, legs bent with feet on the floor, knees open on the outside. Make small elevations by taking off the shoulder blades, exhale and descend. Imagine an apple between your chin and your chest so you do not contract the neck.

5. End the session with a series of stretches five minutes to activate the blood circulation.

You can find Julie Ferrez on her website or for a training every Sunday (10h-11h30) in Paris, Porte d'Auteuil. 20 euros the session, free for - 15 years.

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