May 23, 2022

The girl's first name of the day: Elodie

When they are still small, the Elodie can be undisciplined, impatient, very nervous and unstable or internalized, worried and tormented. A puzzle for mom and dad. The mission of their family will reassure them by communicating and answering their questions.

By growing up, these secret and mysterious women are also dynamic, enterprising and freedom-loving. They have a shady and reserved character. But these women do not hesitate to question themselves. Their personality is confusing and their mood is changing. They do not like constraints and loneliness does not scare them.

The Elodie are women who think outside the box. On the other hand, they appreciate the calm and the tranquility. There are also opposite situations in their love life: celibacy and austere life or adventure life.

O.K. K.O.! | Elodie's back in town! | Cartoon Network Africa (May 2022)