June 23, 2024

The girl's first name of the day: Gaia

But still ? The little girls, who wear this first name, tend to lead their entourage by the tip of the nose. Therefore, they must receive a education firm but fair. On the other hand, they are responsible and balanced. They love freedom. If the Gaia are upset, they do not hesitate to revolt. They are also jealous and susceptible. Having the fagot, they need to do a physical activity.

Growing up, the Gaia have a strong personality, are authoritarian, courageous, energetic and ambitious. They can also be intolerant. They also have a spirit of contradiction and are often in bad faith. The women, who are called Gaia, want to please and seduce. They are greedy and sensual. Risk and adventure attract them. Side feeling, they do not hesitate to take the first step. In their relationship, they want to stay free but are jealous.

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